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Today I hope you read this post from a dear friend of mine at my home church back in Southlake, TX. Jan taught a class there that changed my life and since then I have called her my friend…she is so much wiser than her years.

Brave Strong Girl

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the things I’m not getting done.  I’d share them here, but the list is quite staggering.

I recently tried my old standby – “the “to do” list.

For years it’s been my go-to friend.  I’d write everything I could think of on a piece of paper and get the most fun out of checking off each task, one by one.  Looking at a well checked list assured me I was okay.  I was worthwhile.  I was accomplishing things.

So I tried making a new to do list.

It just made me feel overwhelmed. Rather than being motivated, I wanted to stick my head in the sand; climb back in the bed; veg out on Netflix.

My to do list has become my “I can’t do it anymore” list. Or may it’s become an “I don’t want to” list, or God forbid, maybe…

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