Peace is flowing like a river…

There’s peace on my branch.  I have the fruit of peace; it came along with joy.  I had no reason to feel peace or joy in my life at that time.  Things were kind of chaotic.  I had just gotten out of a rebound relationship, still mourning the one before when the Creator of the universe was wooing me.  I didn’t realize that’s what was happening but as I look back, that was exactly what it was.  When I finally surrendered, peace came.  Joy and love, like I had never imagined possible, filled my life.  These are the top three fruits of the Spirit that I experienced so completely it felt surreal.  The others I feel like I experience from time to time.  He is pruning my branch.  We are working on patience right now, and while gentleness is not one of my natural fruits, it is something I want with all of my heart.  To be gentle and kind with perfect self-control.  Like I said, my branch needs some pruning; I’m so grateful for my Gardner. 

4 thoughts on “Peace is flowing like a river…

  1. The pruning of our branches is something we all need on an ongoing basis, isn’t it? You’ve helped me this morning, Jackie, to remember that, while much work has been done, there is much to do. Have a great day! 🙂

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