Let Your Light Shine💡

Apparently my smart phone has a mind of its own. About 13 hours ago I posted this “L” and “Mb” from my pocket or purse…not quite sure b/c I didn’t use my laptop all day today. Today was a very busy and fruitful day (Praise God!) so I didn’t even have time to look at my comment until I just got into bed at 1am, ready to go to sleep, but saw I had a little orange dot on my app indicating I had a new notification. When I opened it up I found one kind soul who questioned my odd post (thank you @royal palmtree)! If you hadn’t done that I probably still wouldn’t know this had happened.

I decided to go with the “L”. I have no clue what the Mb is for… but this verse is actually from the book of Matthew (Matthew’s book? Mb??? Lol!)

I want the light of Christ to shine brightly through all the brokenness of my life. Since He saved me He has transformed my heart and my mind and my actions in so many ways. I am still so far from being the person He created me to be but I know I’m a lot closer than I used to be. When we let His goodness and mercy transform us we are able to speak the truth in love, we are able to show kindness to the unkind, we are able to give grace to others when they need it and show mercy rather than take revenge. Remembering how much He has forgiven me makes forgiveness on my part seem easy.

Let His light shine through your brokenness…and people will see the goodness of God.

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