…I am an imperfect believer and follower of Christ. Today the word “Christian” has a negative meaning to many people.  To many it just means hypocrite.  I don’t want to associated with the improper understanding of the “word” Christian. I want to be associated with the person, Jesus Christ. He came into this world to … More Imperfection🧐

Another 10:17 Verse

Today this verse was the verse of the day. Another 10:17 reminder for me! Those of you who have read my “About” page may remember why Romans 10:17 is my “New Life” verse…my son’s birthday is October 17th…10/17. When the Lord saved me the first verse He wrote on my heart; the first verse that … More Another 10:17 Verse

His Love is Everlasting Just a reminder for you this morning. Be blessed today with this truth. The God of creation loves YOU! He knows you and He wants you to know Him. Take a few minutes to let that sink in. Blessings!