Another 10:17 Verse

Today this verse was the verse of the day. Another 10:17 reminder for me!

Those of you who have read my “About” page may remember why Romans 10:17 is my “New Life” verse…my son’s birthday is October 17th…10/17. When the Lord saved me the first verse He wrote on my heart; the first verse that I committed to memory was Romans 10:17-So then, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

God was instructing me then that His word was how I was to gain faith. Faith that He had truly saved me, faith that He was leading me, faith that He would instruct me through His word.

I’ve been praying about a lot of things lately: the lady I’m caring for who has dementia, three aunts and uncles in particular with newly diagnosed cancer, my mom’s health issues, and most importantly salvation for all who don’t know the Savior, Christ the Lord; most especially my own family and friends. I know some of them love Jesus. If loving Jesus were enough they would be okay…but it’s not. You have to have faith in His word. You have to know Him as Lord and believe by faith His word is true. His word will instruct and bring correction.

Faith without works is dead. That means (not what you might think) if you don’t allow faith in the finished work of Christ to change your life, it’s meaningless. Your faith will bring about good works. The good works themselves won’t save you. You can have all kinds of faith in…yourself or your religion or even someone else and it won’t do you a bit of good.

Be encouraged today friend…Christ died to give you life! A beautiful, abundant life. It won’t be free of hardship, you will face trials and tribulation, but if you have the truth (Jesus-He is the way, the truth and the life John 14:6) you will have peace in the midst of whatever you face.

Open your Bible…let Him speak to you through His word and watch your faith grow!

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