…I am an imperfect believer and follower of Christ.

Today the word “Christian” has a negative meaning to many people.  To many it just means hypocrite.  I don’t want to associated with the improper understanding of the “word” Christian.

I want to be associated with the person, Jesus Christ.

He came into this world to save people from their sins…I can’t.  My responsibility begins and ends with simply sharing this Good News (the Gospel) with the people I come into contact with.

I will never do it perfectly…I am an imperfect believer and follower of Christ.

He is the way…I look to Him to be my example.

He is the truth…I look to His word for guidance.

He is the Life…I am nothing without Him.


Because I have accepted Him as my Lord and my Savior, I am NEVER without Him!

I pray for this for you too.  I pray that if you are reading this, you will seek Him.  Don’t believe the lie that you’re ok just because you believe that He exists.

You MUST believe in His ability to save you…Him and Him alone.

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