Set Free! ⛓


If you don’t know of this freedom I encourage you to start reading the Bible. Galatians is in the New Testament. It’s the 5th book to the right of John…it only has 6 chapters but it’s chock full of TRUTH! In one of my Bible versions it’s less than 3 full pages long. The commentary is actually longer—-that’s because it’s so rich in content! There’s so much to discover in this book. So much to learn.

5 thoughts on “Set Free! ⛓

  1. Thanks for this, Jackie. My wife and I are currently studying through 2 Corinthians and Paul also gives a wonderful contrast between the Law and salvation and freedom in Jesus Christ in chapter 3.

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    1. Amen! I’m working on about a dozen different posts right now but this one was the verse of the day a couple of days ago and I decided to just do a quick post to get something out there. Glad you liked it.

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