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  1. Thanks, Jackie. Unfortunately, theologian Norman Geisler, the driving force behind this petition, has also influenced many of his evangelical students, followers, and readers to accept Roman Catholicism as a Christian entity.


      1. Geisler is considered one of the evangelicalism’s preeminent theologians. But as I mentioned, he was very influential in pushing for evangelicals to embrace Catholicism as a Christian entity. Geisler mentored William Lane Craig, Ravi Zacharias, and Lee Strobel who are considered to be three of the top Christian apologists today, and they all strongly embrace Catholicism as a fully Christian. I was really disturbed after reading Geisler’s old book, “Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences.” After writing that Catholicism’s salvation theology was problematic, he turned around and fully endorsed the Roman church. Below is a short review of the book which says the same thing.

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      2. I agree! Yes, many of these “big name” evangelical pastors, theologians, and para-church leaders have confused things by calling evil (Catholicism) good and good (separating from Catholicism) evil. If a person dosn’t go along these days with Graham, Geisler, Zacharias, Lane Craig, Strobel, etc., etc. in embracing Catholicism as Christian then they are increasingly considered to be “old fashioned odd balls.”

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      3. It was only through my own study and seeking the truth that I came to understand the error in the churches/preachers I was following. God is so good, so merciful and so patient. His word is true…when He says if we seek Him we will find Him He means it! So many quit seeking and become complacent…believing they have and know the truth. Jesus Himself said to His disciples, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.” Matthew 13:11 (Matthew 13-the whole chapter explains this so well).

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      4. TBN televangelists and celebrity pastors are really muddying up the Gospel and that’s no accident. Yes, Matthew 13 also resonates with me. Verses 31-33 are quite interesting. Some preachers interpret those verses to mean the leaven and birds coming to nest being positive symbols of growth. But leaven and birds are usually symbolic of sin and evil in the Bible. I would interpret those verses as the church becoming so big and institutionalized that Satan makes it his cozy home as we see with this push towards ecumenism.

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