Come Lord Jesus!

I was going to write today along the lines of loving your neighbor…Galatians 5:14, the verse of the day in #YouVersion. But as I scrolled through possible verses to go along with this photo of New York that I found on #Pexels, this was one of the canned verses that came up in #BibleLense.

There’s lots of talk in the news about the decision New York has made concerning abortion. It is truly heartbreaking though not a surprise. We are witnessing the falling away the Bible speaks of. We are closer than ever before…look up! Stand firm! Keep the faith!

I wanted to use this photo of NYC to capture the idea of “Loving your neighbor as yourself”. Your neighbor is not just the person who lives next door to you. It is the baby in the womb of the woman who doesn’t feel like she has any other option…it is that woman…and the doctor or whoever performs that hideous procedure. It is the whole city of New York…the city where you live, the country where you live, EVERYONE!

Believers are called to pray, to love our neighbor and to stand firm in the belief that Christ will come again. Be fervent in prayer because the next time He comes, He comes as judge and every knee will bow.

Love you neighbor! May God Bless your day today!

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