2019…What’s Your Focus?

I just realized the other day we’re almost 40 days in to the new year.

40 days is how long it rained after Noah entered the ark.

40 days was how long Moses spent on Mt. Sinai

40 days is how long Jesus fasted in the desert.

What have I done in 40 days?

Well…not nearly as much as I set out to do but I’ve been better at some of these things than I was last year. And part of that is because I’m tracking some things in my new Christian Planner…(photo above). You can check it out here.

My main focus this year and the word I believe the Lord has me focusing on is PRAY. I’m trying to be more intentional about my prayers…more specific. The Bible says we have not because we ask not…and we don’t receive because we ask wrongly. James 4:2-3

I want my prayers to be in alignment with God…I want them to be answered, so I’m asking God to help me learn how to pray for His will…and not mine. My Pastor’s wife introduced me to a new way to keep track of who/what I’m praying for and I want to share it with you folks. Probably something the ladies will find more appealing but it could give you guys some good ideas as well. Here’s her website…I hope you check it out. It has been very helpful to me.

Prayer Journal

8 thoughts on “2019…What’s Your Focus?

  1. Thanks, Jackie. A good message for all of us. We all need to follow the Lord intentionally and with purpose through His grace. Otherwise we just drift along and are buffeted and overwhelmed by this temporal world and the circumstances of life. The Word and prayer. The Word and prayer. The Word and prayer.

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  2. I use several prayer journals. One comes from a company formed by a veteran, at Christianplanner.com. It allows me to reflect at the end of the day on what prayers were answered and what I still need to be praying about. Your blog is perfect for this time that we are living in!

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