Shhh…Listen…Can You Hear Him?


Photo by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels

Today I made a split-second decision to leave my office and run some errands around lunch time.  I was driving to a business I needed to go to on my lunch hour and I needed to make a few other stops as well, but as I was driving I saw an older lady kind of limping while walking down the road. I drove on by but felt a very subtle nudge to turn around and go back and offer her a ride even though she was going in the opposite direction I was going. I almost brushed it off but then thought, ‘Nope…that’s not me, that’s the Lord. I might be in a hurry but God isn’t…and whatever He has planned is the way I want to go.’

So, I went back. I figured she’d probably be walking up to her house by the time I got back to her…but she was still walking down the road.  I pulled up next to her and offered her a ride. She accepted and got in. She said she’d been cooped up all winter but today she decided to go for a walk.  She was getting really tired though and wasn’t sure she’d make it home.  She had fallen earlier this year and was still experiencing the after effects of residual pain from that.  She had walked all the way across town today.  It was around 1 PM and she had been walking since before 10AM! She was very grateful for the ride and I was really glad I listened to His prompting. We were able to visit while driving and since I knew I had heard Him tell me to pick her up I thought He must want me to share the Gospel with her. As I started, she told me she was a believer. I still prayed for her and gave her one of my Pastor’s Sermon CD’s and a Gospel Tract.  I wanted to say more but I could tell she felt the love of Christ in our interaction. God is so good…all the time…even when I’m not sure what to say.

Maybe she had prayed while she was walking, maybe she had asked the Lord, “God, how am I going to make it home?”…Who knows???  I believe she got what she needed and He orchestrated the whole thing. Maybe I just planted a seed or watered one that was parched and needed a little rain…either way, He was in control, and we both got to be a part of something He was doing.

And THAT feels amazing!

7 thoughts on “Shhh…Listen…Can You Hear Him?

    1. Thanks Tom. I know I have often passed up those opportunities…but each time I let Him lead me, I am always blessed. The blessing actually comes in knowing I responded to God. I was in communication with Him. That’s crazy…that’s profound! The Creator of the Universe! For anyone who has experienced being led by the Holy Spirit, it is such an amazing experience…you just can’t fully explain it. And it was just a simple act of obedience…to offer a ride to an elderly woman walking down the street. We see people walking down the street everyday…He doesn’t call us to give them all a ride, lol! But if we aren’t listening we could miss when He does.

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      1. Yup, we constantly go back in forth between living life in the flesh and living life in the leading of Spirit according to the Word. The latter is soooooooo much better.

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