Reading to Understand

Last year I read through the Bible from cover to cover for the first time in my life…I didn’t try to study; I just wanted to read the whole Bible.  I completed my reading in November and began again in December; this time with the goal of spending a little time focusing on the areas that capture my attention as I read.  The way I enjoy reading the Bible is to listen through an audio version while reading along and highlighting or underlining verses that jump out at me and then go back and try to spend some time meditating on those verses.

This time I started in Genesis and read through Genesis and Exodus but then switched to chronological.  I’m surprised by the things that are standing out to me this time that I apparently glossed over last year.  How good is God to open up new things to us at just the right time?  It truly is like peeling an onion…we must continue working out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Have you ever read the Bible?

Which reading plan do you prefer?

Soon I will begin writing again and working through some of the things that are really standing out to me.

14 thoughts on “Reading to Understand

  1. I started trying to read through the Old Testament. I’ve never read it entirely. But getting through Leviticus and Numbers can be hard…

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  2. Jackie, it’s great that you’ve read through the Bible and are continuing again. A commenter above pointed out that Leviticus and Numbers (and also Deuteronomy) can be difficult. While reading those books, I have used a couple of single-volume Bible commentaries written by orthodox, faithful teachers that point out the symbolism and foreshadowing of Jesus Christ in the elements of the Tabernacle sacrifice. There’s many cross-references to the New Testament and the fulfillment of the Mosaic Law and the Levitical sacerdotal priesthood by Jesus Christ. The information helped to illuminate those three books.

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    1. Thanks Tom! May I ask who the teachers are that you really liked for the commentaries?Have you heard of eSword? It’s pretty handy online application for cross reference and commentaries. I’ve been reading a few different guys…Matthew Henry, Albert Barnes and John Gill…just b/c they were mentioned to me by a faithful, godly woman. I don’t know anything about them myself.

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      1. My wife uses the Matthew Henry commentary that she accesses online. I use a one-volume commentary from John MacArthur and a multi-volume commentary from J. Vernon McGee. No, I hadn’t heard of eSword (had to google it), but I know many people are going with online Bible resource tools. I still like hard copy.

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