Let’s talk ESSENTIALS…

Abortions are essential???

I encourage you to think about something: Population control.  What do you think it means when liquor stores are open but hospitals are actually sending staff home b/c they don’t have enough business? That’s right…no more elective procedures or even scheduled procedures that aren’t absolutely necessary…but ABORTION?  Now that’s essential!  Sure it is, because people are expendable.  Liquor stores are essential too; did you realize that?  Liquor stores will keep the alcoholics happy and many others will become dependent on alcohol in this crisis…Child and spousal abuse is already on the rise due to the stress of this crisis. We will begin to see an increase in deaths due to alcohol related injuries or MVA, murder and suicide, because people are expendable.  There will be fights over food because famine will come if we continue to stay locked down and all will this will be just a casualty of war because people are expendable…POPULATION CONTROL.

Just think about it; the situation we’re in right now.  You are being told what you can and can’t do.  Your medical appointments are being postponed; you’re being fed a line of garbage that we’re all in this together…but how many of you live alone?  How many of you haven’t seen your kids or grandkids in 2 months now?  How many of you have had loved ones die and you can’t even have a service for them?  We are not together!  Our United States of America has never, in the history of the country, been more divided!  There is nothing together about being isolated and quarantined and shutdown!  Spit out the Kool-Aid!  Our economy is closed down and the government wants control of your life and your livelihood.  Many small business owners will likely never recover from this. How much bailout do you think the government can provide? Pretty soon they’ll have you right where they want you…dependent on the government for your welfare.

I read the other day where Hospitals are sending staff home because there isn’t enough business to keep them there. Hospitals are shutting down because procedures are being cancelled and people are being turned away unless they are really sick.  Funny, they used to take them no matter what just to milk the insurance companies by doing all kinds of tests and treatments; now they’re sending them away.  People who are in the hospital are left to be sick and die alone because they won’t let their family come in to be with them.  Who leaves their loved one in the hospital alone 24/7?  The staff at the hospital can’t sit with your loved one and comfort them…they’re busy.  Most nurses actually appreciate it when a family member is there with the patient (at least some of the time) because they can’t be.  But now you can’t be there either.

People in the nursing homes are also being left alone with family wondering if their loved one will even remember them when they get to see them again.  How sad is this?  The most vulnerable are being left alone…

This is an attack alright…one enemy is invisible and the other (our government) is right in your face!  I’d rather take my chances with the invisible one.  What do you think happens next?  They are just preparing you for a  #WholeNewWorld one where they have complete control over where you go, what you do, what you wear (masks), how much money you get, what kind of healthcare you get, who gets healthcare and who doesn’t.  It’s all about control.  They say they are trying to keep you safe: well the Bible never tells us we will be safe.  Their kind of safety and peace brings about destruction…read your Bible. The Bible tells us we will have tribulation…welcome to the truth. You don’t need to be safe; you  need to be SAVED.  I’d say Jesus is essential right about now.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk ESSENTIALS…

  1. Every night I see the hypocrisy as the politicians are expressing their deep concern for “the most vulnerable among us.” These are the same ones that decided killing the unborn is not only a right, now it’s essential. (What’s wrong with this picture???)

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  2. You are absolutely right! The governors are taking this power and letting it go to their heads, and we are stuck with their decisions. I’m re-blogging in hopes that this will help others to think about how important it is to be saved!

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  3. It’s the hypocrisy that infuriates me. If they were honest they would say they’re concerned about the most vulnerable among us who are old enough to vote. Or (more likely) they have been blinded to the truth and need our prayers to open their eyes.

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